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Tutoring Center

The mission of the tutoring center is to honor students and to help advance their knowledge, confidence, and skills while encouraging collaboration and lifelong learning.

  • Math assistance is available either in person or over Zoom. Appointments are recommended.
  • Writing assistance is available in person or over Zoom.
  • Get help from a tutor in other subject areas such as Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, and Microbiology.
  • Come and study in the tutoring center. We have computers, calculators, printers, and textbooks you can use. If you get stuck, a tutor can help you.
  • We also provide academic coaching for students by appointment and on a walk-in basis.
  • The tutoring center has other resources to help, such as the GED study books and the TEAS study guide. 

Tutoring Center

Room 524, Creek Bldg. #5 - M-F 9am-5pm<br>Room 524 - Writing and Humanities<br>Room 593 - STEM


Tutoring Center Tips

  • Math: Keep up with your assignments.
    • Visit the CEI Tutoring Center regularly.
    • Avoid the rush and crunch.
    • Tests come at the same time for everyone.
  • Writing: Start working on essays immediately.
    • Plan on more than one appointment.
    • Writing is a process.
    • A last-minute review may be too late to make necessary changes.

Below are policies students should be aware of before their first visit. If you have any questions, please call (208) 535-5490.

General Tutoring Policies

  • Be considerate of others - take phone calls and loud discussions outside.
  • Please cancel or change appointments early if you can't attend.

Writing Wizard

You receive the best from your instructor or our CEI Tutoring Center tutors. However, if it's midnight and you are struggling to find that perfect phrase, wondering how to cite a particular source, or needing any other writing help, check out the excellent site below.

Writing Tutoring Policies

  1. Our tutors will help you at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming ideas to polishing final drafts. We are active learning centers, meaning our tutors work with you, not for you. We will ask questions about what can be done in certain situations, but you will make the final decisions. Everything belongs to you; your end product should retain your voice and ideas.
  2. Writing tutors can help with more than just essays. Writing tutors can help with resumes, cover letters, scholarships, and speeches.  
  3. You may schedule an appointment by calling, emailing, going to Schedule Appointment, or drop in for assistance at any time. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are advised, as tutors are often in demand. Appointments will be honored before walk-ins, but please be punctual. We will ask you to reschedule if you are more than 10 minutes late.
  4. If the writing you are working on is for a class, please bring a copy of the relevant assignment. If there is no written assignment sheet, please bring any notes you’ve taken or information you’ve been given about the outline. It is also helpful for tutors to know about the teacher’s previous comments.
  5. We are happy to help you identify errors and teach you how to correct them. You cannot drop off a paper and have the tutors edit it. We also cannot offer any suggestions as to what grade a paper may receive.

The Owl: Purdue University's easy search site for a variety of writing questions.

Math Wizard

You receive the best help from your instructor or our CEI Tutoring Center tutors. However, if it's midnight and you are struggling with that quadratic equation, wondering how to solve that story problem, or need any other math help, check out the valuable sites below.

Graphing Help Purple Math: An extensive site for help with your algebra questions.
Khan Academy: A free site where you can learn almost anything by math topic.
The World of Math Online: A comprehensive site including an "Ask the Expert" link. Address.

Math Tutoring Policies

  1. Tutors will not offer help on any take-home exams.
  2. When seeking help on a specific problem, remember to bring your math textbook with you. This helps the tutors put the problem into the correct context of the assigned chapter material.
  3. Math tutoring is available without an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome.
  4. Be aware that math tutors are helping several students at the same time. After you have had help with your questions, the tutor may move on to other students as they are needed. Don't worry, though; they will come back to you when you need them!