Workforce Training and Continuing Education

The Workforce Training and Continuing Education Division (WTCE) is responsible for the non-credit programs at College of Eastern Idaho. WTCE is home to one of Idaho’s six Workforce Training Centers operated in cooperation with Idaho Career Technical Education.  Our programs unite people who want to expand their creative talents and gain new skills and experiences. 

From enhancing career aspirations to upskilling, there is a class, certificate, or program just for you! WTCE has a combination of short- and long-term courses spanning topics such as cybersecurity, art, welding, and many others. Workforce Training and Continuing Education Division is a service to the entire community.

Bootcamps & Custom Training

In addition to more traditional classes and courses, WTCE provides the community with access to special events and camps. These include summer camps that provide an opportunity for youth in the community to learn year-round. WTCE also participates in events for adults to expand their training and skills. 


Discover a pathway to professional excellence at the College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) through our dynamic bootcamps. Tailored for the modern workforce, these intensive programs provide accelerated learning experiences led by industry experts. These bootcamps prioritize hands-on training, ensuring you gain practical skills that directly translate to the workplace. CEI's commitment to innovation is evident in our immersive curriculum, equipping you with the tools needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of your chosen field.

Immerse yourself in a collaborative and supportive learning environment, fostering not only technical proficiency but also the development of a valuable professional network. CEI's transformative bootcamps empower you to navigate the complexities of your industry with confidence, propelling your career forward. Stay ahead in the competitive job market by joining CEI's community, where education seamlessly integrates with opportunities for growth and success.

Custom Training

Workforce Training and Continuing Education's purpose is to "Drive economic prosperity in our community. We accomplish this by teaching in demand skills for work and life." Meeting employer needs for skilled workers is one of the main ways we help to create and sustain economic development and prosperity in the region.

We work in partnership with our regional employers to develop and deliver innovative, effective, high-quality training with results you can measure. Contact us to discuss how we can help:

  • Upskill or reskill your employees
  • Improve and develop technical, leadership, and professional skills
  • Improve profitability and retention
  • Access training in modalities and locations that work for you
  • Customize training to meet the specific needs of your business
  • Become an employer of choice and gain a competitive advantage

Innovative Custom Solutions

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Workforce Training and Continuing Education