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Our multicultural resources are the compass that directs us towards a more connected and understanding campus. At College of Eastern Idaho, we take pride in recognizing the unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that each student, faculty, and staff brings to our learning environment. In this diverse space, you'll find a range of resources aimed at fostering a sense of unity and support. From the Unity Committee to additional services, we are committed to providing the tools and spaces that empower every individual to succeed. Join us on a journey of exploration, connection, and celebration of the rich variety that makes College of Eastern Idaho welcoming home for all.

Meet our multicultural resource coordinator!

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Multicultural Resource Coordinator | Student Affairs Office

Effie Hernandez

Room 311B


Hispanic Youth Leadership Summit

Hispanic Youth Leadership Summit

Put on by the Idaho Commission of Hispanic Affairs, the Hispanic Youth Summit has been serving the Twin Falls and Boise area for 15 years. CEI and ISU have partnered with ICHA to host the summit on the ISU campus for two years in a row. A chance for Hispanic and Native American populations to share their opinion on higher education, we also invite Idaho colleges, businesses, universities, ROTC, and other vendors who would like to showcase their services for them.

Join us September 24, 2024 at Idaho State University

Indian Education Summit
Indian Education Summit

Images from the Office of Indian Education

Join us August 1-2, 2024

Unity Committee
Unity Committee Mission

Unity Committee


Everything the College of Eastern Idaho offers is aimed at embracing the diversity of the student body. By fostering a broad understanding of cultural awareness and appreciation, inclusion and representation become a natural extension of the student body. CEI’s mission of diversity and inclusion for the college includes increasing leadership skills, creating opportunities for personal and academic growth, as well as increasing access and equity in higher education for all the Falcon Family.


  • Inclusivity
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Student Leadership


The Diversity Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month. Everyone is welcome, and we always seek new members who want to make a difference for their campus and community.

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

John E. Christofferson Bldg 3, Room 306

Unity Committee Flyer

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