Mission Statement

To provide open access to affordable, quality education that meets the needs of students, regional employers, and the community.

Mission Definitions

  • Open access — All who enter CEI will have a place to learn what they need to achieve their goals. In addition to traditional college degree programs, CEI open access includes College & Career Readiness (CCR), GED completion, English as a second language, and customized workforce training.
  • Affordable — We reduce financial barriers to education, making community college cost-effective.
  • Quality education — CEI provides quality learning through vetted, qualified instructors, using best practices alongside state-of-the-art educational equipment and techniques.
  • Needs of students — The College of Eastern Idaho creates an environment of service that supports student goals across all areas of college life.
  • Needs of regional employers — CEI’s relationship with employers across the region ensures a prepared workforce and talent pipeline for business and industry.
  • Needs of the community — Our commitment to the community is apparent in the collaboration between faculty and staff and in broader cooperative relationships: we have forged many relationships within the local, regional, state, and national academic communities.

Core Themes

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Learning for Work and Life

The College of Eastern Idaho is where students work to transfer, toward careers, and into effective citizens; by embracing active learning, we provide instruction that is not only academically rigorous but tailored to the needs of the student and community. Learning for work and life takes place in all areas of campus through transfer degrees, career-technical education, college & career readiness, and workforce training.

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CEI faculty and their success. Open and accommodating student support areas are critical to everyone's success: They help model outstanding professional behaviors and provide comprehensive student support from first contact through degree and/or employment.

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Community Engagement

CEI's focus on community is obvious once you step foot on our safe and inviting campus. Our every decision as a college is made to foster communication, professional growth, and adult enrichment through broad, collaborative relationships. The skills and bonds you form extend beyond academia and into professional communities throughout the region.

The Ripple Effect Award

Ripple Effect is an award that recognizes individuals or groups that commit to the execution of CEI's core themes. The core themes help inform our college mission, inspiring us in guiding our direction. Each term, CEI selects a core theme focus. The focus rotates through the three core themes as follows:

  • Learning for Work and Life
  • Community Engagement
  • Student-Centered

Ripple Award Recipients

  • David McDaniel; Fall 2019: Student-Centered
  • The Online Learning Services Department; Spring 2020: Learning for Work and Life
  • Debbie Borek; Fall 2020: Community Engagement
  • Julie McMurtrey; Spring 2021: Student-Centered
  • Dan Bruderer; Fall 2021: Learning for Work and Life
  • Raeleen Roberts; Fall 2022: Community Engagement
  • John Detwiler: Spring 2023
  • Heidi Moore & Jill Kirkham: Fall 2023
  • Janelle Sagawa: Spring 2024