Faculty & Staff

Welcome Faculty and Staff!

When you are part of the College of Eastern Idaho team, you have one of the most talented organizations in Idaho behind you. If you have questions, we have answers. Whether college president or groundskeeper and facilities staff, there are no small roles when it comes to creating an enriching learning environment.

CEI is full of unique and resourceful people. We are proud of the culture here - which is made because of YOU! Want to get to know your coworkers? Find them in the staff directory!


We would like to welcome you to the CEI Faculty & Staff team. These handbooks contain our policies, benefits, expectations of CEI, and other information. One of the most important duties in your first few weeks is to familiarize yourself with the College of Eastern Idaho as much as possible. The handbooks include everything you need to know, including getting to know CEI culture, your department's working and communication styles, and the department's goals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions- you are learning about new processes, projects, and people, and everyone starts at square one.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible for staffing, employee benefits, retirement, pre-employment procedures, and payroll information.