CEI is your community campus! We make our decisions with your help. Explore our governance pages and discover the following.

  • You are invited to meet President Aman and see his vision for this college.
  • Bonneville County voters duly elect our Board of Trustees, and the Board ensures the college always stands for our community’s values and meets its needs.
  • The President leads with the help and expertise of his President’s Advisory Council, a formidable team of visionary content experts. Together, this administrative team leads our participatory governance structure, which shows how college leadership continually invites our students, faculty, staff, and community to shape the priorities and processes of our campus.
  • CEI is a fully accredited institution, and many of our programs have external accreditation, too.
  • CEI safeguards your investment here. The finance page explains our funding sources and makes our sound accounting practices transparent.
  • Want to see how we study our success? Collaborate across campus? Plan for the future? See our comprehensive plan!

Governance Structure

College of Eastern Idaho utilizes a participatory governance model, and its interactions shape and inform our mission-driven plans, policies, and resource allocations.
As the participatory governance chart shows, CEI’s duly elected Board of Trustees acts as the college’s governmental authority. The Board ensures that every significant collegiate decision meets the aspirations of our Southeast Idaho community. The Board delegates authority to the President, PAC, and our content experts to perform the college’s day-to-day functions as represented by our organizational charts. Ultimately, though, every decision resides under the Board’s review.

info graphic of how the college is governed
CEI's Participatory Governance- President's Advisory Panel (PAC) is in the middle. All the other groups are joined to PAC with to and from arrows. Left side: Community-elected board of trustees connects to Park Price (chair of the Board of Trustees), who connects with Rick Alman (President/CEO), who connects to PAC. On top is Academic Standards Committee (ASC). Below is the Executive Council (EC). On the right side are six separate groups: Faculty Senate (PAC Liaison: President), Staff Senate (PAC Liaison: President), Student Senate (administrative liaison: dean of student affairs), Standing & Ad Hoc Committees (follows org chart), Connected Campus- Connected Future (PAC Liaison: President), Your participation is always welcome! Follow the org chart or questions

The President and their Advisory Council ensure that broad campus input sets priorities, allocates resources, and maps them to the college’s mission and mission fulfillment criteria. In particular, the college’s governance structure provides a framework for implementing operational-level and strategic planning, which flow across divisions and committees.

The governance structure is designed so there is bilateral communication throughout the organization. This allows nimble decision-making while guaranteeing appropriate oversight.