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The mission of CEI is to provide affordable and high-quality education that will prepare our students to be successful in the workplace. Whether that education is only one class to upgrade some work skills or a two-year associate degree we want our students to be successful in the workplace and provide employers with the trained personnel they need to help their business succeed. We strive to stay as up-to-date with current technology and industry practices as we can so that our students will have the skills they need for the rapidly changing workplace they will enter.


The quality of our programs has been verified by various national accrediting bodies. These accreditations mean that our programs have successfully undergone thorough review by industry representatives and have been accredited as meeting all the high quality standards required by the industry associations. What this means to our students is that CEI can offer quality training that is recognized by the industry and students will have the skills they need to successfully start or advance their career. We want all our students to be successful and achieve their dreams.

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