"Become A CNA" by IHCA


The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course is designed for persons who need nursing assistant training to work in skilled nursing facilities or other healthcare environments; as well as for students preparing to enter the RN and LPN programs at CEI. THE CNA course is non-credit and offered by Workforce Training and Continuing Education.

NOTEApplicants must now be a certified CNA to apply for the RN and LPN programs.

Begin your healthcare career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. This course prepares you to enter the workforce as a healthcare professional and to take the state exams required to be placed on the Idaho Nurse Aide registry. The 120-hour class includes online assignments, in-class skills practice, and clinical experience at local healthcare facilities. Class registration covers the required textbook, skills packet & videos, computer fee, and state testing fees.

Program Process

Classes are approximately nine weeks long and are a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on lab/skills; as well as clinical experience. We offer classes in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Salmon with a schedule that runs throughout the year. There are prerequisites, including a mandatory online orientation; please register here. More information can be found on our program flyer and you are invited to contact wtce@cei.edu with questions.

After passing the class, students are eligible to test for state skills and written exams. Both exams are offered at CEI and students have six months after passing the class to pass the skills exam, and another six months to pass the written exam.

What Jobs Can I Get?

Asa CNA, you are qualified to work at assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, home health care companies, doctor offices and clinics, and hospitals. Also, you must be a certified CNA to apply for the nursing program at most institutions, including CEI.

How Long Will it Take?

Our non-credit CNA is approximately nine weeks long with class offerings throughout the year.

Why Certified Nursing Assistant at CEI?

We offer multiple CNA classes in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Salmon. You will have experienced and knowledgeable instructors and support staff. You are able to take the course, the State skills exam, and State written test all at CEI.

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Once ALL of the below items have been completed, you will be eligible to register.

  • Attend a Mandatory Orientation
  • Clear Background Check
    • Please go to StudentCheck to order your background check: StudentCheck. This is the only background check accepted for this program and it must be fully processed before class registration is allowed. It must be current within the last year, not to expire during the class session. The cost is $51.50 and is payable online when ordering
  • Healthcare Provider BLS CPR Certificate
    • All students are required to have Basic Life Support (CPR) certification through the American Heart Association prior to registration and start of class. No online CPR cards are valid for this class. Certification will only be accepted from the American Heart Association; no others will be accepted.
  • Quantitative Gold blood testing to evaluate for TB
  • Flu vaccine during flu season (October – March)
  • COVID Immunization Series
  • Hepatitis B Immunization Series and/or proof of positive titer to check for immunity - if negative, booster is required with repeat titer 1 month later
  • MMR vaccine or positive titer to all 3 components (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • Varicella vaccine or positive titer
  • Tdap within 10 years time

Additional requirements once enrolled in order to go to the hospital clinical rotation (These are
optional and arrangements will be made once enrolled in the course)

  • 10panel drug urine test or higher
  • N95 mask fitting
  • IFCH/MVH booklet completion