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About Residency

District Residency is not the same as State Residency. A student can have both In-State Residency and be an Out-of-District Resident. District residency is based on the student's county of residence. The CEI community college district is made up of the entire county of Bonneville. CEI is a part of the statewide community college district that includes CWI, CSI, and NIC.

Types of Residency

  • In-State/In-District
  • Out-of-State
  • In-State/Out-of-District

Community College Districts in Idaho

  • Ada
  • Bonneville
  • Canyon
  • Jerome
  • Twin Falls
  • Kootenai

District vs. State Residency


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  • Determined when a student enrolls
  • Based on the county of residence. Student must reside within Ada, Bonneville, Canyon, Kootenai, Jerome, or Twin Falls counties
  • Out-of-district students will pay the additional fee of $50 per credit up to $500 per semester in addition to tuition and fees
  • Students can gain district residency by residing in one of the 6 mentioned counties for 12 consecutive months



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  • Determined when a student enrolls
  • Determines out-of-state tuition or instate tuition. For more on Tuition Costs use this link.
  • This fee is charged because the college does not receive additional funding from the State of Idaho to subsidize tuition
  • Must prove that the individual has lived in Idaho for 12 consecutive months
  • Must prove that individual didn’t move to Idaho for educational purposes

Changing District Residency Status

A student can request the County they reside to pay the fee by filling out the required paperwork and taking it to the county clerk.

  1. Counties will assist students with paying the fee up to a lifetime maximum of $3,000
  2. For those who move to one of the six counties and have resided for 12 consecutive months, submit a district redetermination form for review with supporting documentation
  3. Form and documentation are submitted to the Assistant Registrar for review on or before the 10th day of the term in which the student is enrolled

What happens next?

Once the County Clerk receives all required documents, they will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners. The Board will then verify or deny a student’s residency claim within that county. If the student meets the requirements for county residency, the Certificate of Residency will be returned to the CEI business office, and the district fee will be removed from the student’s balance.

What happens if the form is denied?

There are three conditions on which a student will be denied county assistance.

  1. Does not meet requirements for county residency e.g., Students jump from county to county and fail to establish residency
  2. The student does not submit the form by the deadline
  3. If the student has used up the maximum lifetime amount of $3000

If either of these situations occurs and residency is denied, the student will be responsible for paying the additional charge. Any delinquent balance will be held to the same policies as any past due funds on their accounts set forth by College of Eastern Idaho as explained in the catalog.

Changing State Residency Status

Students must complete the required paperwork and supply documentation to be switched to instate for tuition purposes. Form and documentation are submitted to the Registrar for review on or before the 10th day of the term for which the student is enrolled in.